Our Mission Story

Have you ever found yourself pondering our impact on the world - the consequences of our actions as they pertain to the planet and all of its inherently interconnected inhabitants?

It was amidst such existential cogitations that I began to consider, deeply, my own feelings of how disconnected I had become from my environment - and how that same lack of connectivity exists on a grand scale within our society. We are all but forcibly coerced into participating in the divisively orchestrated culture of consumerism that exists in our society today. A greed driven culture which cares little for the well being of both the consumer- you and I- and the planet. A culture that is actively contributing to a mass collective amnesia in that we are fast forgetting the importance of our intrinsic, invaluable connection to the earth.

This once sacred bond is today too often and easily overlooked as our society becomes increasingly distracted and self absorbed. What was once so clear, what we once held sacred, what we once perceived to be essential to our survival -is now more often perceived as obsolete, if at all.

I was feeling restless, my thoughts reeling. I was keenly, painfully aware the void I had been feeling was a bi-product of my relationship with the natural world around me, or rather, the lack thereof. It is easy to become overwhelmed, to feel helpless when confronted with an issue of such enormity, both in terms of importance and scale. It was for me at least. My senses returned gradually and I thought to myself, what can I do? How can I do my part to restore the rapidly disappearing bond between myself, between us, and our environment? What can I do to help others do the same?

Initially I wanted to delve into the field of biology to “help save the world” - ever the idealist. Though as it happened, my journey took me elsewhere. I set out on a path forged by desire, passion, necessity,and longing. I turned my full attention to nature, growing and foraging for as much of my food as possible. I immersed myself, learning all I could of our flora and fauna. I sought to rediscover the all but lost knowledge of the beautiful, delicate relationships that exist between all living organisms on this Earth. Between us, and the natural world around us. I studied tirelessly, familiarising myself with the identities of pants, and their myriad of uses and applications. All the while developing an intimate relationship with the natural world around me. My journey to Foraged Fields was underway.

The breadth and depth of my knowledge grew, and I become increasingly appalled with the laundry list of chemicals I read amongst the ingredients of so many products we ingest and use topically on a regular basis. I contend that as a society, though we have began to grow more conscious of what we put in our bodies, we generally do not exercise the same
discretion when it comes to what we put on our bodies. In response to this issue I took action, foraging for and growing plants that would be the ingredients needed to begin producing a number of products I use regularly. One by one, I was replacing the mass produced cosmetics, skin care, bug spray, and alike with products I made myself. Simply and
sustainably. I knew exactly where they came from, what they were made of, and how they were made (of course). I find, as you will if you have yet to, that the experience of using a product is enriched tremendously when these three criteria are met.

As my relationship with nature deepened, my understanding of the concept that all living organisms are inherently and intrinsically connected did the same. Certainly, I had known this to be true previously, but it was becoming more real, more tangible, less abstract. I find solace in knowing that I, that we, all play an integral part of something much bigger than us.

The next step on my journey was to share the knowledge and products with all of you in hopes they may help enrich your life, just as they have mine. My mission is multifaceted. I aim to raise awareness, igniting in you a passion for your health, as well as that of mother Earth. I hope to empower you to cut ties with mass produced products made by those who value money more than you or I. And to provide you with high quality products that make you look and feel great, and that you can feel great about using- knowing that they are made simply of pure, real, ingredients sourced directly from mother earth -honest products whose production, and 100% biodegradable plastic free packaging is just as kind to the Earth as I vow my products are to your skin.

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The Idea

Foraged Fields is an all natural cosmetics company based in Vermont. Family and friend owned and operated since 2012, we pride ourselves on being an environmentally conscious company with values that hold the well being of our planet and its inhabitants in the highest regard.

It is because of those values that we have made the decision to not only use completely natural ingredients, but to also have absolutely no plastics in any of our products or packaging.

Thank you for supporting the Earth and your skin!



Style and quality

Each product and its packaging is 100% plastic free. Packed with sustainably harvested wood chips that can be recycled or composted this is a green option that is not offered enough.

High quality ingredients are sourced from other like minded small business owners, locally in Vermont or collected from unspoiled Mother Nature.

These products are gentle enough for sensitive skin and appropriate for both young and mature skin. The high quality ingredients hydrate, nourish, protect and provide light sunscreen protection while being antibacterial and full of antioxidants.



100% handmade

Everything is hand made in small batches with love and care as close to the ordering time as possible to ensure freshness.

Each product is free of chemicals, mica, preservatives and oxides. Completely plant and clay based, drawing out impurities and toxins in a natural way without irritation and harsh abrasives.

Your skin absorbs all the chemicals and compounds that you come into contact with in your daily life. It also absorbs vitamins and minerals too! So make sure that you are reading your ingredient labels and checking out the companies that you support.