Sensitive Skin Natural Deodorant

Sensitive Skin Natural Deodorant


This is an all natural, vegan, preservative free deodorant made without baking soda! So many natural deodorants use sodium bicarbonate (baking soda) and it can cause a severe reaction in some people...

I made this because I'm one of those people. 😉

Custom scent profiles are welcomed and it also can come unscented but it may not be as antimicrobial as using essential oils. I use dōTERRA oils!


Sunflower Oil

Shea Butter

Arrowroot Starch

Rhassoul Clay

Aloe Vera

Essential oil (If Requested)

This comes in a 100% recycled, biodegradable cardboard tube (No PLASTIC!) Ships without any plastic as well.

Safe for the environment and for you.

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