Natural Plant Based, Light Coverage Powder Foundation

Natural Plant Based, Light Coverage Powder Foundation


So much of our makeup these days is filled with chemicals. Have you ever read the ingredients label? I couldn't find anything that didn't have chemicals, mica or shimmery fake powders so I decided to make my own.


Very light and glowing, smooth, soft; some adjectives to describe this amazing foundation.

This is a COMPLETELY ALL NATURAL, organic powder that will nourish your skin while evening out skin tone and helping you look fabulous all day.

ABSOLUTELY NO mica, preservatives, titanium dioxide or shimmery additives! Just plant powders and clay.

Light/medium coverage. If you use this over a face lotion there is more coverage and clients have told me that it lasts them all day.



Organic Arrowroot starch

Bentonite clay

Rhassoul clay

Organic Cacao powder for the two darkest shades, 4 and 5.


This is perfect for sensitive skin, combination skin and oily skin.

It is NOT a mineral foundation which has been shown to be harmful to your health if you breathe it in.

It feels light, calms redness and soaks up excess oil throughout the day.

This stuff works with your natural skin tone to help you stand out and look radiant.

It is naturally detoxifying and will help with acne and wrinkles with regular use!

It feels like no makeup I've ever tried. It it so heavenly. I usually apply my face cream and then use this and then my blush for the best results.


Please send along a photo of yourself when purchasing if you do not know what shade would be best for you.

Shade 0 is the lightest and shade 5 is the very absolute darkest.

You can also send a photo of a similar toned celebrity if you are shy, but I think you are beautiful :)

100% RECYCLED labeling and ZERO plastics in the container and shipping!

Comes in a 20 ml glass bottle with cork stopper.

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