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Foraged Fields

SAMPLE SIZE* Powder Makeup - MICA Free, Natural, Sensitive, Aging, Light, Oily, Foundation, Bronzer, Highlighter, Dry Shampoo, Setting

SAMPLE SIZE* Powder Makeup - MICA Free, Natural, Sensitive, Aging, Light, Oily, Foundation, Bronzer, Highlighter, Dry Shampoo, Setting

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This listing is for one SAMPLE size of ONE shade of foundation, blush or face cream in biodegradable cardboard containers.
.25 ounces

I highly recommend using the powder with my face cream as it helps your skin heal and provides more coverage, giving something for the powder to adhere to.

These powders can be drying so If you have really dry skin I recommend not using your face wash or any makeup for a few months, instead doubling your water intake and using a heavy face cream that will help you regain balance.

SEND ME A PHOTO OF YOURSELF with your order and I will GUARANTEE the shade will match! I know buying makeup and matching your shade is difficult online so if you send me a photo of yourself in natural light, I will guarantee my shade recommendation for you and refund you completely or send a new shade until we find the right one for you!

I recommend trying at least two shades, so you get a good idea of your perfect shade.

Here's my listing for the foundation if you wanted to read more info:

And here's the blush:

Plus the face cream:

***Choose a slightly lighter shade than you think you would if using underneath a cream or moisturizer as they darken a tiny bit when applied wet as you can see in one of the photos. ***

Send a photo of yourself if you're unsure of the shade too! Sometimes monitors can make the shades distorted so let me help you choose, and I will offer you a shade guarantee and send you a new shade for free until we get your perfect match! :)

The picture with my hand is shade 5 (dusted with my face cream applied first underneath and then just dusted dry to the right of it) and I usually wear a shade 3.

You can see how much darker they become when used with a face cream or liquid of some kind. When choosing your shade pull the lightest tone out of your skin to match.

I strive for only 5-star reviews so if this is not for you, please reach out to me for a full REFUND!
All natural is a transition and this is for the true zero-waster, sensitive skin, chemical hating beauties who have been searching forever for no chemicals.
Products on the shelves can say all natural without any regulations so please read your ingredients lists, question everything and make informed choices!

Comes in a biodegradable paperboard container (0.25 ounces) with lift off lid so please be careful while opening!


These are clay and plant based, all natural makeups that even out impurities and heal the skin, while detoxing your pores.

There is nothing weird or fake in this makeup and it is not "mineral" makeup which contain oxides, preservatives and other garbage.

Unfortunately, I cannot offer free shipping on these samples so make sure you make it worth the journey :)


Organic unrefined raw, fair trade Shea butter
Organic unrefined unfiltered raw, fair trade Coconut Oil (only in normal face cream version)
Organic unrefined cold pressed rosehip Oil
Organic hand harvested Calendula flowers and oatstraw infused in unrefined cold pressed Sunflower oil
Organic local, small business, wildflower Beeswax (in normal beeswax version only)
Organic hand harvested comfrey and solomon's seal root infused in unrefined cold pressed Jojoba oil
Organic non hydrogenated winterized sunflower wax (in vegan version only)
Organic sustainably hand harvested Reishi and Chaga Mushroom

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Customer Reviews

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Shelby Heaney
Love this powder foundation! Sent this one...

Love this powder foundation! Sent this one as a gift. Thank you!

Joan Konopelski
The samples are great to have to make sure...

The samples are great to have to make sure you're using the perfect shade. April however sent me the perfect shade from the picture of my hand in natural light!

Raphaella Gusikowski
Love the shades I got. Very nice on your s...

Love the shades I got. Very nice on your skin.

Raphaella Gusikowski
Love it!!

Love it!!

Raphaella Gusikowski
Love it! Fully recommend it. Give it a try...

Love it! Fully recommend it. Give it a try. I'm sure you will love it as well.