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Honey Face Wash - Natural, Simple, Sensitive Skin, Gentle Exfoliation, Cleansing, Hydrating, Local, Botanical,

Honey Face Wash - Natural, Simple, Sensitive Skin, Gentle Exfoliation, Cleansing, Hydrating, Local, Botanical,

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I finally made a face wash!
This stuff is thick, creamy, gentle, quenching and a TOTALLY different experience than your normal face wash, but leaves a heavenly clean and healthy, hydrated feeling.
Keep your mind open for this one, since it is so different than what you would buy at the store, but truly good honey is a gold mine for your skin.

100% money back guarantee on everything I make, like always, if it's not right for you!

The simplest ingredients for the most sensitives of skins :)

This may, at first, feel like it is exfoliating and a scrub, but this won't threaten your sensitive skin at all, and once you apply water it melts on your face.


Wet face with warm water
Scoop out a small amount and rub between your fingertips
Apply to face in small circles gently, being careful of the delicate eye area
Rinse with warm water, finish with a cool splash to close your pores if you like


Local Vermont Wildflower Honey, raw and unprocessed
Kaolin Clay, cosmetic grade, natural, pure, chemical free, GMO free

Does not expire. Avoid getting water into the jar though since that might promote bacteria growth. This is TRULY all natural and preservative free!

Honey is one of the only ingredients that will never go bad. Archaeologists found 5500-year-old honey in pots that was still good!

2 OUNCE GLASS JAR (May be Amber in color or clear depending on the market availability)

Zero waste in your labels, packaging, shipping and containers as always

Please be careful with this if you have it in your bathroom or shower since it is glass! (I like to wash my face in the shower, so I don't splash everywhere)


Organic unrefined raw, fair trade Shea butter
Organic unrefined unfiltered raw, fair trade Coconut Oil (only in normal face cream version)
Organic unrefined cold pressed rosehip Oil
Organic hand harvested Calendula flowers and oatstraw infused in unrefined cold pressed Sunflower oil
Organic local, small business, wildflower Beeswax (in normal beeswax version only)
Organic hand harvested comfrey and solomon's seal root infused in unrefined cold pressed Jojoba oil
Organic non hydrogenated winterized sunflower wax (in vegan version only)
Organic sustainably hand harvested Reishi and Chaga Mushroom

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