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Foraged Fields

Supreme Healing Oil Balm of Gilead

Supreme Healing Oil Balm of Gilead

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This is serious stuff.

This is a botanically powered itch, wound, bite, SUPER dry skin moisturizer OIL made from foraged plants infused in rosehip and jojoba oil.

This works wonders for my Dad's hands in the winter when he works outside. This totally gets rid of his elephant skin!

One client had irritated red bumps on her legs and this totally transformed them within a month of use!

Comfrey is also known as knit bone, shown to reduce swelling, inflammation and pain.


Organic Balsam poplar buds infused in organic, cold processed sweet almond oil
Organic Comfrey, Solomon's Seal, sustainably hand harvested chaga and reishi slow infused in Jojoba Oil

Disclaimer: I'm not a certified herbalist and only can vouch for my own usage. Do not take internally, use near eyes and mouth. Test a small patch of skin first. Recommended usage multiple times per day for at least one month. Drink more water as well!

This is in a 2 ounce glass bottle with metal lid.


Organic unrefined raw, fair trade Shea butter
Organic unrefined unfiltered raw, fair trade Coconut Oil (only in normal face cream version)
Organic unrefined cold pressed rosehip Oil
Organic hand harvested Calendula flowers and oatstraw infused in unrefined cold pressed Sunflower oil
Organic local, small business, wildflower Beeswax (in normal beeswax version only)
Organic hand harvested comfrey and solomon's seal root infused in unrefined cold pressed Jojoba oil
Organic non hydrogenated winterized sunflower wax (in vegan version only)
Organic sustainably hand harvested Reishi and Chaga Mushroom

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Spring2Summer Hermann
Perfect, thank you very much!

Perfect, thank you very much!