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Wholesale Tattoo Ointment Salve Balm Body Butter

Wholesale Tattoo Ointment Salve Balm Body Butter

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This is a listing for wholesale batches of tattoo ointment for artists.

This homemade ointment is good for bruises, sprains, arthritis, sore muscles and broken bones. Super hydrating for cracked, peeling, painful skin. Great gift for your significant other to rub on their sore muscles :)

A fabulous way to heal your new tattoos for better color retention and happy skin! I have been using this on all my new tattoos and I am pumped about how it feels when I apply it and how much it helps the healing process. It is soothing and calming. I want to share it with you!

Comfrey is used to heal broken cells and it contains allantoin and mucilage, both of which have anti-inflammatory properties. Great conditioning and moisturizing for your skin as well.

Calendula is known for healing skin irritation and providing soothing properties.

*Not intended for medical treatment on broken bones. I make no medical drug claims about this item. See a doctor if you are injured! *

No preservatives, parabens, sulfates; nothing weird! Nothing fake!

This is a handmade item, made when ordered for maximum freshness, using local and organic ingredients.



Organic unrefined Shea Butter

Organic Comfrey and Solomon's Seal infused in unrefined Jojoba oil

Organic raw unrefined Coconut Oil

Organic unrefined Rosehip Oil

Organic Oatstraw and Calendula infused in unrefined Sunflower oil

Organic and Local Beeswax

Wild Foraged Reishi and Chaga Mushrooms


Comes in a 2 reusable glass jar with no plastic packaging!

Offered in wholesale amounts for tattoo artists to offer to their clients for the best protection of their hard work.

Completely plastic free. Reuse, reduce, rethink.


Organic unrefined raw, fair trade Shea butter
Organic unrefined unfiltered raw, fair trade Coconut Oil (only in normal face cream version)
Organic unrefined cold pressed rosehip Oil
Organic hand harvested Calendula flowers and oatstraw infused in unrefined cold pressed Sunflower oil
Organic local, small business, wildflower Beeswax (in normal beeswax version only)
Organic hand harvested comfrey and solomon's seal root infused in unrefined cold pressed Jojoba oil
Organic non hydrogenated winterized sunflower wax (in vegan version only)
Organic sustainably hand harvested Reishi and Chaga Mushroom

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Customer Reviews

Based on 5 reviews
Teresa Ebert
I LOVE getting stuff from this shop. It's...

I LOVE getting stuff from this shop. It's the best feeling opening my box and seeing what's inside. This shop uses all natural packing materials. I've gotten beautiful clean fall leaves, cedar shavings and this time tiny lovely pine branches with bright green needles. Smelled wonderful. First time buying this balm. Holy cow, super impressed! Smells wonderful, absorbs nicely and really made my hands look so much better. I always have lizard hands. My skin is very sensitive and so far none of this shops products cause me to get a reaction. Highly recommend!

Ashley Lubowitz
What beautiful packing! When I opened it t...

What beautiful packing! When I opened it the brown paper bag popped out all the shavings like a little surprise confetti. Super cute.
Looks beautiful, and will be perfect for my tattoo

Cassie Bogisich
I just love this seller! Customer service...

I just love this seller! Customer service is above and beyond! This is my second time ordering and will continue to order. Great quality items that are plastic free.

Wendy Halvorson
Great tattoo balm. I am very particular ab...

Great tattoo balm. I am very particular about what I put on my body and refuse to use anything that is not natural. I used this on a big back tattoo that I recently got. Best tattoo balm I have ever used.

Joshua Wisoky
This stuff is great! Nice and light fragra...

This stuff is great! Nice and light fragrance. It definitely helps with itchiness that comes with healing a new tattoo. One thing I've never liked is when the clothing sticks to the skin when product is applied and it doesn't with this product. Yay!