Hand Foraged Bath Tea or Facial Steam

Hand Foraged Bath Tea or Facial Steam

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Hand foraged plants come together in this vitamin rich tea bag mix great for baths or using as a facial steam.

Comes in two SPRINGTIME limited edition varieties, one for a relaxing floral experience and a spearmint version to help drain sinuses or comfort colds.

I foraged these plants myself from my 100% pesticide forever free farm with love and care.

This handmade mix is a favorite of mine and is full of vitamins and minerals that you cannot get from your local grocery store. Hand foraged in the peak of freshness, whether that is in the warm mid day summer sunshine or during the cool crisp fall when all the leaves are sending the roots energy.

Everything is picked with love, the mint is meandering along a spring fed stream, the clover and roses are smiling in the fields of sunshine and the hawthorne watches over the rocks on the hillside.

This listing includes 5 grams of herbal plants in an organic certified 100% cotton muslin bag.

Each floral bag has a combination of:

Chamomile (for soothing frazzled nerves and calming the skin)
Hawthorne (to support heart health)
Red Clover (for anti-inflammatory and anti-cancer)
Rose Petals (for sensitive skin conditions and vitamins)

The Sinus Cold bag has a combination of:

Peppermint (for sinus pain and pressure)
Spearmint (for skin issues, a tired mind and the respiratory tract)
Red Clover (For anti-inflammatory and relaxing)


This is a powerhouse of nutrition for the skin and can help you relax if you toss this into your bath. You can also boil it lightly in a pan over the stove and steam your pores or sinuses open with a towel over your head as long as you are careful and conscious!

Herbs are a magical thing and can help ease stress and heal what ails you.


***** Disclaimer! ****

I am not a licensed herbalist and you should consult your doctor or herbalist before use if you have any health concerns. Please use responsibly and safely and be aware of any allergies you may have. Consumption not recommended because the bags are not air tight.