Ingredients That Are Better Than Mineral Makeup?


Mineral makeup is the craze lately that has all the hippie nuts, organic lovers and stay at home Moms raving. But are the ingredients in mineral makeup just as bad for you as "normal" makeup? Mineral makeup companies claim to be all natural and this term has been thrown around so much that it is confusing and misleading. Companies are saying that they are natural even though their products are not safe. Titanium Dioxide is not man made. It is technically natural.

It's also proven to be bad for the lungs and the skin. PROVEN by scientists to be as bad as asbestos, collecting nano particles into your lungs, causing irritation, swelling and, down the road, cancer. When construction workers work with Mica, they wear face masks so they don't breathe it in.

Wait, what?!

So here's this product that claims to be natural, has fantastic sun blocking properties, is light and feels good, but that also can absorb through your skin, and possibly be inhaled and kill you.

True there are many things these days that will kill you, and for beauty we will do almost anything, but I can't help but also notice that mineral makeup eventually cakes on my face and makes it look like I'm wearing makeup.

Not worth it.

Mineral makeup just means makeup that is not in liquid form. It doesn't have to be natural at all and it usually isn't. It's just a fancy marketing term used to con you into buying products. What sneaky devils those advertising people are!

So what on earth do you use? How can you find something that works, the feels great and that won't alter your DNA?

Go REALLY natural. Head out into your backyard and find some clay.

Indians and aborigines have been using clay since we first started to care about our appearance. They dug up riverbeds, clawed their way into the ground and dried a bunch of amazing material to put on their bodies. These provided trace minerals and vitamins, pulled out toxins from their bodies, helped heal sickness, provided sunscreen and protection from bugs and nourished the skin.

Is there anything they can't do?

They even out my skin tone, make my face look really nice and feel incredibly soft. They make it look like I'm not wearing makeup! I usually don't like wearing makeup but I splash this on my face every so often and definitely notice the difference. Even just in my own peace of mind that I'm using something that is good for me.

I loved learning all about Bentonite clay and Rhassoul clay, learning where they came from and how they have helped mankind. I grew up near the Connecticut River and have enjoyed spreading the river silt all over my body. I was out once with my cousin and we stumbled into TONS of poison ivy. We quickly headed towards the river and rubbed silt all over us and voila! Never got poison ivy.

So when I started making my own ACTUALLY natural products, I was excited to include clay. I make foundation, bronzer and blush and use clay whenever I can. It hasn't been messed with, processed through a facility, tumbled over and over through a machine or squeezed to death. It's just the way it is, out in nature and that is the best feeling there is.

You can easily make your own makeup too. I have a great recipe for my bronzer on my blog and you can check it out here if you want to take your life into your own hands.

An easy, do it yourself bronzer recipe that will make your skin feel amazing; and not kill you!

I also sell it on my site, if you want to support local businesses and little ol' me. Or if you are too lazy to make it yourself or you don't live in an amazing lush fertile valley.

So what do you think? Stop using mineral makeup and open your eyes to the wonderful world of natural makeup! Check out my makeup!