Taking Care of your New Tattoos with Plants

Who would have thought that plants could help your new tattoos heal? How could a bush possibly make your skin heal and feel better?

What on earth am I talking about?

Plants. That amazing green panacea that exists outside your doorstep. There are so many plants out there that can help your skin heal when you are bruised, itchy, inflamed, bleeding, infected, breaking out, etc. The list goes on and on.

Calendula is a beautiful flower in the Asteraceae family and it has soothing properties for skin irritations. There are more and more products that are cropping up these days that use Calendula and so many labels have the natural label (they don't tell you that there are tons of other nasty things in them, though, and they can get away with it.)

Calendula flowers, amazing for all sorts of skin irritaions, from new tattoos to acne.

Calendula flowers, amazing for all sorts of skin irritaions, from new tattoos to acne.

Calendula is anti inflammatory and anti bacterial. It has a high flavanoid content and is chock full of antioxidants. It is known for it's wound healing properties and will work wonders on bruises, cuts, scrapes, red marks, irritation, acne and rash.

I love tattoos. The itch has taken over and I am slowly but surely covering my whole body. It may take till I'm 90, but that's the beauty of it; the process! My first few tattoos were all done by Bobby Trepanier of Route 66 Ink in Portland, CT. He has recently moved on to Texas but I am very fond of having had that experience. Of course at the time I didn't know about all natural healing so I applied normal lotions and ointments to my skin.

I started making my own products when I started to learn more about the crazy ingredients in things these days. Also, I was so sick of spending tons of money on something that didn't quite feel....right. I started learning about oils and how they are good for your skin. I learned that when you strip the natural oils on your face, your pores go into overdrive and produce MORE oils. Then you wind up feeling greasy, gross and oily all day. Not pretty. Fight fire with fire and use an oil that will help regulate your own natural oil production; you will never break out again.

I made a batch of lotion here and there and learned more about consistency and marketability. I searched the internet for fun new herbs and plants that I could use in the products to maximize the healing potential. Then I wandered through my backyard and found these plants and made these products.

I'm so proud to share with you my tattoo ointment. It is also incredible for bruises and cuts and scrapes, but I bottle it as tattoo ointment to get my point across about how powerful it is. I picked plantain, calendula and comfrey right in my backyard (organic and wild) and extracted the goodness into healthy oils, like sunflower.

I love the way it feels on new tattoos and I'm so excited to get new ones. It seems to really make them heal quicker, better and make them look just as colorful as when the ink touched the skin. I've been going to Kevin Stiles at Colors Art Space in Berlin, CT for my new ink recently and he has noticed that the ointment that I'm using is bad ass. Who would have thought that using plants in products could help with healing so much?

So when are you going to get new ink? Make sure you check out my ointment to help your skin!