Plantain for Inflammation and Wound Healing; Great for Tattoos or Bug Bites!


Plantain is a fabulous plant; one that you trip over frequently. It's everywhere. Just look down. Plantain! You can make a spit poultice with it for bug bites or an oil extract for tattoos. So many uses, so little time!

Plantain is great for bug bites and all sorts of skin irritation. Pick a leaf or two, chew it up in your mouth, get that saliva going good, and then place it on your boo boo. I recently did this for a yellow jacket sting and it worked wonders. It took away the itch and the pain and I felt so super cool having a wad of green guck on my arm.

I felt like an old witch doctor, medicine woman, tribal elder.

Plantain leaves can be eaten like spinach. They are slightly more bitter than spinach but can be good for indigestion, ulcers and heartburn. It also may lower cholesterol. You can make a tea for constipation, as a diuretic, for gout or as a decongestant.

It is naturally anti-bacterial and anti-inflammatory, which makes it perfect for skin irritations and bites. You can also apply the tea to mosquito bites, poison ivy or poison oak to help that nasty itch! It has antimicrobial properties and will help prevent infection as well. This can be very useful for the body mod community! You can make a wash for new piercings or microdermals.

I make a tattoo ointment and put plantain oil extract in it. I've used it on all my new tattoos from the moment the needle stops hitting my skin. Let me tell you what, it feels fabulous. All us tattoo junkies know the pain of fresh ink, and having something soothing to put on the skin afterwards is an amazing feeling. Having plantain in this ointment reiterates the plant's usefulness and ability to help wounds heal. It blows my mind that there are plants out there that can help us in such a way and so many of us don't know about them!

Here is another type of plantain, the narrow leaf kind. Just as useful as the broad leaf plantain. I'm sure you've seen it!

Are you going to think twice when you see this plant again? Have I opened your eyes about how useful it can be? Are you willing to try my ointment on your tattoos?