How to naturally cure a fever or cold with Elderflowers

I recently had a 103 degree temperature.

Yes, I was cooking from the inside out, but I didn't want to take chemicals in pill form. I really wanted to test out how well Elderflowers would work.

I had made a tincture of Elderflowers (cover plant matter with grain alcohol in a jar for a few weeks, shaking every day, then strain).

I took 5 drops in the morning, 5 during lunch and 5 at night.

And here's where my results get swayed. My mom made me take two Ibuprofen.

I know, I know, I tried.

But yeah, I really was cooking.


After that, I felt much better. I didn't have anymore fever!

The night went well, my sore throat started to go away and I have not had an insane fever. I am still doing 5 drops three times a day.

So who knows.

But you know what? I feel good about trying it and I feel like it boosted my immune system. Even if it is only psychological and I have no proof "scientifically" of anything, I feel like it really helped my condition and mental state.

This is an elderflower tree:



I have one in my backyard and it was blooming just as I started to have a fever. I picked a whole cluster of flowers and ate it. I made cups of tea after cups of tea.

And my body said, yay!

It really craved it.

That is my scientific proof. Listening to my body.



What did we all do before "Western Medicine"?

Did we die?

Yes, yes we did. A lot of us. And frankly, I think we need that still.

I like western medicine, don't get me wrong. It has done wonders, but perhaps we are meddling in a few things that we should not be, oh, I don't know, say...natural selection?

We used to grow and change with the plants around us; they adapted and we adapted. We adapted to each other. Now we are not using them so much and trying to synthesize certain things. But we don't really know everything and we can't possibly recreate the natural world. It is too complex.



Part of me wishes that I didn't give in to my mother and take Ibuprofen. Part of me wanted to really see how well Elderflower would do against a monster fever. So what if I died? Or cooked my brain and had brain damage? I'm just a monkey that is standing up. They die all the time.

I'm curious if this resonates with anyone else. What do you think about natural selection? Are we damaging our species as a whole by letting everyone live? Would you try strictly alternative medicine to heal a sickness? Do you believe it worked well for the Chinese for thousands of years and our species as a whole for even longer?



Anyone else try Elderflower? What about Elderflower wine?