How to make your own all natural BRONZER


Bronzer is a beautiful thing for us fair skinned chikas. And obviously you should know by now that the stuff you buy at CVS is filled with nasty chemicals that sink into your skin, circulate throughout your body and poison your mind, making your brain turn to mush and fill with cancer globules. Okay, okay, that might have been an embellishment but honestly, we don't really know if that is true or not. Many people are starting to actually study what those tiny particles do to us and let's just say its not pretty. So make your own shit, yo!

There are a tons of great ingredients all around your house that can help you look beautiful; you just have to learn what they are.


To make your own bronzer you will need a bowl, a spoon, and an old makeup container or Tupperware, or cute glass container from Goodwill.


Arrowroot Starch

Cocoa Powder



(Organic would be great but I won't get too picky, I'm pumped you are going to try and make this!)

Take a spoonful of arrowroot starch at a time and add it to the mixing bowl. Add in dashes of cocoa, cinnamon and nutmeg until you are happy with the shade. Test it out and see what works best for your skin tone. We are all different!

This recipe is not exact but that is the beauty of life. You can find arrowroot starch at your local Indian/Asian food store (or your normal local ugly supermarket, but support someone else for god's sake) and there will be all sorts of other fun items that you never have seen before. You can even forgo the arrowroot starch and use cornstarch if you don't want to get any. (Heck, if you are really awesome, you will find some cattails and boil their underground parts and sift/dry out the starch and use that.)

Spoon it into containers to use forever or give as gifts to your friends.

Great additions to this recipe include:

Rhassoul clay

Bentonite clay

These two clays help this recipe feel like feathers on your skin and will make it healthier. They may not be laying around your house but if you happen to want to purchase them, come across them or find an alternative next to the river near your house; by all means, go for it! You can use them instead of arrowroot starch as well if you have a dark skin tone. Just make sure they are a fine fine fine fine powder.

You can eat this recipe it is so natural. It might be awful and terribly dry out your mouth. If you try it though, make sure your friends film it.

How did this recipe work for you? Do you like the feel of it? Will you ever buy fifteen dollar chemical bronzer again?