It's easy to make your own all natural makeup


When I first decided to build a tiny house on a trailer, my head was in the clouds. But let's be honest, I'm up there often. I really thought that I would be done and moved in within a few months. Perhaps that would happen for someone who had money, but for me, it was slightly impossible. Okay, really impossible. I needed time to collect resources and gather information. The winter came pretty quick and it put a damper on my ability to get my Dad outside to help me build this thing. So I patiently waited. But...

Spring is here! Look, proof.

IMG_20140503_135851_829Yeah, so I have started working on my trailer again. I just purchased an LED light kit so that I can be legal and all wired up in no time. Taking another look at the tires that I thought I would have to replace, it seems that I can just get a new valve stem and re-seat it. It has been slowly leaking but there are no holes and it is a relatively new tire. That saves me some serious money! I am so pumped to learn this.

While I twiddle my thumbs waiting for the lights to come in the mail and try and hold back shouts and squeals of excitement, I am trying to think about survival and what it really means. So many people these days are getting into prepping for doomsday. How many of us would actually survive if the structure of the world around us, as we know it, collapsed? What would everyone eat? Would we freeze to death in the winter? I am really trying to think about what I would need to survive. Not that I think doomsday will be upon us, because I don't. But I don't want to rely on anyone else for anything. I don't want to have to walk into a supermarket anymore and wonder where my "food" came from. I don't want to have to go to home depot and purchase sheet-rock that was made who the hell knows how. I want to be able to make my own makeup and bread and still have the luxuries of modern day living.

So...I made my own makeup. You can look at it on my website and ooh and ahh over all the pretty pictures. I think we should all take matters into our own hands. This makeup feels great to put on my skin. I know where it came from and what the ingredients are. I can actually pronounce them. Do you know how gratifying it is to make something so useful and fun? If it feels so great to simply make makeup, how amazing is it going to be when I can actually move into the house I built with my own two hands?

If you are busy, and have a real job and a real life and don't have time to make makeup and silly things like that, but you are still concerned about what you put in and on your body, you can buy what I make on my site. It would help me make more awesome products so that I can barter and trade for more awesome things for my house. Thanks ahead of time :) Or if you want, message me and I will send you a recipe or two. They took me a while to perfect so I will only give out one or two of my secrets; I gotta eat, you know.

What does survival mean to you? Do you ever even have to think about it?