My life is slowly rearranging particles...


Things change. I think most of us don't want to admit or accept this. But it can be a wonderful thing. Winter gives way to spring, love gives way to new love and people grow old and die. Who says there is anything wrong with that? I love how particles slowly rearrange. You can have one substance and create something entirely different with it. I make lotions and all natural stuff and seeing all the ingredients come together and become something new is such a beautiful metaphor for me. It helps me practice non-judgement-ness. Instead of assuming something is inherently good or bad, I can see it just as it is.

IMG_20140320_101920_452This photo is the process I go through to make my lotion (heavenly by the way, you can find it at

Why are we all so afraid of change? Take a step back and notice what changes in your daily life. And stop being such a scared-y cat.

Embrace life.