Stone walls, chimneys and foundations bring up so many questions...


New England is home to many old structures. IMG_20140403_120201_060I took a walk through the woods and found an old foundation and chimney. I can't imagine how many meals were cooked here, how many deaths were experienced, how many winters and summers were enjoyed. Stone walls and chimneys buried deep in the forest are fascinating to me. That was someone's home! How did they live? What was this area like two hundred years ago?

I love picturing these things whenever I stumble upon something cool like this. So much has changed in the past few hundred years.


This is their front yard, facing Old Hebron Road in Glastonbury, CT. Now buried in the woods, how many people used to travel on this path?


Did they tie up their horse here? Anyone know what these were used for? Was it like a marker for the home?