Is smoking good for you?


A lot of people smoke. It's something that our ancestors have been doing for thousands of years. But these days we are all inhaling weird chemicals and toxins. Okay, some of us are smoking pure plants (if you know what I mean) but a lot of cigarette smokers are just killing themselves. I learned about herbal smoking mixtures and was instantly hooked. I admit, I'm a sucker for foraging anyway, but having something legal, recreational and fun is a great way for me to notice my body and what I put in it. The more I learned about these ingredients, the more I felt better about the act of smoking as well. I always abhorred people who smoked until I realized it's a very human thing.

Mullein is an expectorant. It is a lung health herb. Inhaling the steam while drinking tea is good for the lungs. Drinking it will sooth the throat and reduce inflammation. Smoking it will help clear out all the old gunk. If you are trying to quit cigarettes, this a great way to transition.

Chamomile, calendula, passiflora, mugwort, tulsi, lemon balm; these are all great herbs that help the nerves, calm inflammation and help our bodies relax and adapt. Whether you are smoking them or drinking tea, you will notice a difference.


Of course, smoking something all the time generally isn't good for you and moderation is the key to everything. But enjoying this method of herbal ingestion can open your eyes to how your body works. Your lungs and breath is often overlooked, but something you can't live without.

Try noticing your body when you breathe, see how shallow each breath is and focus on the oxygen and nutrients we are taking in.

Do you ever just stop and breathe?