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Handmade in small batches with only the highest quality ingredients to ensure health and wellness for your skin and the planet

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Foraged Fields is an all natural cosmetics and skincare company based in Vermont. One woman created and operated since 2012, now a power couple duo, we pride ourselves on being an environmentally conscious company with values that hold the well being of our planet and its inhabitants in the highest regard.

It is because of those values that we have made the decision to not only use completely natural ingredients of the highest quality but to also have absolutely no plastics in any of our products or packaging.

Thank you for supporting the Earth and your skin!

  • 100% Handmade

    Everything is hand made in small batches with love and care as close to the ordering time as possible to ensure freshness.

    Each product is free of chemicals, mica, preservatives and oxides. Completely plant and clay based, drawing out impurities and toxins in a natural way without irritation and harsh abrasives.

    High quality ingredients are sourced from other like minded small business owners, locally in Vermont or collected from unspoiled Mother Nature.

  • Healthy for you and the Earth

    Each product and its packaging is 100% plastic free and packed with sustainably harvested wood chips or foraged leaf litter that can be recycled or composted. This is a green option that is not offered enough these days and we’re committed to changing the industry one customer at a time.

    Your skin absorbs everything. When you use a chemical laden product you are taking each ingredient into your body. Using something natural ensures that you don’t create excess stress on your bodily systems or build up toxins. This also applies to the Earth!

    These products are gentle enough for sensitive skin and appropriate for both young and mature skin. The high quality ingredients hydrate, nourish, protect and provide light sunscreen protection while being antibacterial and full of antioxidants.

  • What if I can't give up normal products?

    It truly is just about making small changes that you can live with. Go easy on yourself and remember that every tiny action and choice can make a difference!

    When you start thinking about the things that you do on a daily basis and become aware of the ingredients that you are consuming you make a slow imperceptible shift towards more natural. Over time your body will start to tell you that it cannot handle toxins or chemicals and you will realize that it is better not only for you but also the planet. The only thing I ask of you is that you read and learn from many sources and continue to ask questions!

  • I took the truth in labeling pledge and stand by my high quality, potent ingredients. I never use any mica or preservatives.

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  • I NEVER test on animals and never will, ever. It's appaling to me that huge corporations still do and we tolerate that. Test on yourself, not on harmless critters!

  • I live on an organic farm in Vermont and make all of my creations here. Living with the seasons helps me provide you with the highest quality botanical extracts.